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Ode to

Saint Cecilia

6-Part Audio Series  |  3h 21 min  |

Audio Drama

Ode to Saint Cecilia tells the dramatic story of a modest young woman from Rome whose life has transcended time to influence poets, composers, sculptors, and painters. A patron saint to some, a muse to others, Cecilia has inspired George F. Handel, John Dryden, Henry Purcell, Stefano Maderno, John Waterhouse, Paul Simon, and scores of other artists over the past 20 centuries.


Augustine Institute Radio Theatre's Ode to Saint Cecilia includes cinematic sound, original music, and the award-winning talents of highly-acclaimed British actors, including: Hayley Atwell, Sir Derek Jacobi, Brian Blessed, and Dame Siân Phillips.


Set against the backdrop of the great sacrifice of her martrydom, Ode to Saint Cecilia is ultimately a celebration of the important role of the arts in showing us the love of God through profound beauty.

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