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Audition for Augustine Institute StudioS


Thank you for your interest in auditioning for us. Below are the projects we are currently seeking talent for. 

Current opportunity 1



Home to everyday wonders and eternal mysteries 

PRODUCTION TYPE - Audio Drama Series 

PRODUCTION COMPANY - Augustine Institute Studios 


RECORDING DATES - Late summer or early fall 2024 


Season 1 | 29 Roles | 9 Episodes  


*Seeking local-hire actors for all roles* 

Welcome to Hope Springs is a brand-new family audio drama series being produced by Augustine Institute Studios. We are seeking talented VO actors with strong storytelling abilities and enthusiasm for family-friendly content!  

Any non-union actors with a background in voice acting, film, theatre, audiobook narration, or radio theatre/audio drama would be welcome to submit. We are seeking both adult and child actors to fill a reccurring cast of characters. We are also interested in any adult actors capable of performing authentic-sounding kid voices.  

Creative Team

Executive Producer, Steve Flanigan 

Writer/Director, Paul McCusker 

Casting, Madison McAllister 

Audio Engineer/Sound Design, Nate Jones 

Project Details

Callback Location 

Augustine Institute Campus  

16805 New Halls Ferry Road 

Florissant, MO 63034 

Recording Location 

Shock City Studios 

2200 Gravois Avenue 
St. Louis, MO 63104 

Union Status 



$100-350/day (depending on size of role offered) + an additional stipend for any cast read-throughs prior to recording  


This is an audio drama series that will be recorded and released on our streaming platform called Formed

Formed is our mission-based, exclusive Catholic distribution platform. As a multi-season series, we plan to continue recording and producing this series with the same players for years to come, featuring new episodes yearly. We plan to own and distribute it as needed. 


Key Dates 

Auditions - virtual submissions only 

Callbacks Round 1 – virtual (selected talent will be asked to read and record sides from the script) 

Callbacks Round 2 – in person (if needed, selected talent will be asked to come to our campus in Florissant for a final callback)  

Rehearsals (cast read-through) TBD – one or two days prior to recording 

Recording Starts TBD – There will be about 10 full consecutive days of recording sessions (possibly through a weekend or two weeks broken up by a weekend). Aiming for some time in July- September 2024   

Recording Ends TBD – Expecting to record this first season by the end of September 2024 


What is recording like? 

Actors are in the studio together in person. A scene at a time is recorded. Each actor is set up in front of their own mic, but they are all in the same room together. The number of actors in the tracking room depends on the number of characters in the scene. The actors are expected to play off each other. All actors will be expected to be present for recording in person at Shock City Studios.  



Welcome To Hope Springs is a family audio drama series. High unexpected adventure abounds, centered around “The Grand Depot.” The opening of a renovated train depot in the heart of the town of Hope Springs, Colorado brings together a group of kids and situations that allow for the exploration of everyday and extraordinary stories. Filtered through the essentials of the Catholic faith, with an emphasis on choices and consequences, relationships, and the spiritual journey every person is taking (whether they know it or not). This series presents faith-affirming slice-of-life stories through the kids, characters, and families in Hope Springs. 



Roles Available



*The kids (minus Andrew) are 11 years old and about to go into the 6th grade. We will consider actors younger or older than 11 for those roles. However, they should not sound too old or too young. Child actors must be good readers and perform well. The character Andrew is 14 so he should sound older than the other kids.  



(Lead, Male, 10-12 years old) a “typical” kid this age, alternating between precocious, naive, and both mature and immature. Spends a lot of time fixing his bike but is never seen riding it. He’s best friends with Rooney and the leader of the group. Representative of your average boy this age.  



(Lead, Female, 10-12 years old) good friends with Jake, a lot of initiative (she’s started her own podcast called Rooney's Ramblings), wants to be a world-class newscaster someday. Amiable, friendly, ambitious, and driven. She has strength of character. Representative of your average girl this age.  



(Lead, Male, 10-12 years old) somewhat of a mystery, Brace is low-key, intelligent, and thoughtful - with a wry humor that comes from being a latch-key kid whose parents are not highly engaged in his life. Guarded, private, and a bit of an outsider. He’s the new kid in the group.  He’s seeking connection, even if he doesn’t realize it.  



(Lead, Male, 10-12 years old, Hispanic, lead) son of Detective Hall. More thoughtful and spiritually minded than even he realizes. A foil for his friend Woodward, he’s smarter, wiser, and a bit more mature than him. He’s glib and always has a comeback or something witty to say to the group.  



(Lead, Male, 10-12 years old) “the kid with the most boring name in the world” has a geeky intelligence and a naiveté that allows others to playfully tease him. He’s the embodiment of the expression “kids just say the darndest things!” Feisty, kid-like, and a little random, he despises nothing more in the world than being bored. (He’s scrappier and smaller than the others so his voice should sound a bit younger than the rest of the group.) 



(Lead, Female, 10-12 years old) Dakota is a force to be reckoned with and has an edgy arrogance that comes out from time to time. She’s quite opinionated—even if she’s not always right. Like Rooney, she’s interested in doing podcasts, but mostly to be an online “influencer” with things like hairstyles, makeup, etc. The two girls often seem more like “frenemies” than friends.  



(Lead, Male, 13-15) Andrew is known from The Adventures of Nick & Sam book series (as their older brother) and our time-traveler in The Virtue Chronicles book series. His time-travel adventures are a closely guarded secret and not seen in this context (yet), but that doesn’t keep his love of history and occasional weird events from happening around him. He’s athletic, smart, brave, resourceful, curious, and adventurous. He takes on the role of a big brother and mentor towards Brace.  



(Supporting, Male, 10-12) son of Ray Sykes. He's a goofball and a relentless mischief-maker, always looking for a laugh at anyone’s expense. Impulsive, emotional, and has some attitude. He tries to appear bigger and tougher than he is. He’s the reckless kid who would get on a bike and ride it down a steep hill or slide down a banister. He’s really not happy that the depot (his “headquarters”) has been taken away from him. (Should sound a bit younger than Troy) 


(Supporting, Male, 10-12) Zach’s friend who is often complicit in - and even instigator of - various kinds of mischief. Sharper side of the duo. Shrewd, calculated, wily, a conniver, a manipulator (as manipulative as is possible for an 11-year-old). Might grow up to be a successful Wallstreet type. (Should sound slightly older and more mature than Zach) 




(Supporting, Male, early to mid 40s) Clark is a well-known entrepreneur who has renovated the Old Train Station. He is also part of the Perry Family (found in the Hope Springs novels), Clark is Andrew’s uncle. He is tall, muscular, outdoorsy, and intelligent. He’s a personable and pleasant guy, and a good uncle. Clark is determined to bring Hope Springs into the modern era, sometimes to the consternation of his family and fellow citizens. He genuinely loves the town of Hope Springs and wants everything he does to benefit the town and all who live there.  



(Supporting, Male, 60s, retired or semi-retired) manager of the Old Depot, since Clark Perry has made it a non-profit that ties into St. Clare’s Catholic Church. Amiable, warm, kind and gentle, he’s a spiritual guide for the kids. He is animated and loves to tell stories—he has a habit of dressing up like Santa and Catholic Saints for the kids.  



(Supporting, Male, 30s) Father of Zach Sykes. A comic foil for just about every other clear-thinking adult, Ray shows up as a protester to fight for the trendiest causes (often without knowing what they are). He loves to stir things up and is a bit of a buffoon. He tries to be clever but misses the mark every time.  



(Supporting, Female, 60s) Deacon Chuck’s wife and the coordinator of the food distribution bank run out of the old Roundhouse. Your classic church woman who steps up and gets things done. She loves her husband and loves running things alongside him. Warm, sincere, kind, good-hearted. She’s the voice of wisdom for the girls in Hope Springs.  



(Supporting, Female, early 30s) local radio personality on Steam 102 FM. She is much more professional and takes things more seriously than her radio counterpart. She’s “the straight man” (or woman) to Art. Friendly, pleasant, authentic. Has integrity. Is a natural during her interviews and engages her audience well. A good storyteller and enjoyable to listen to. (Looking for radio personalities, not news anchors. There’s a difference) 



(Lead, Male, late 30s-40s) local radio personality on Steam 102 FM - who tries very hard to be funny and smart - without much success. The other half of the radio duo, he’s “the Comic.” Should be somewhat kidlike. Thinks he can improv well but says a lot of nothing and digs himself into a hole every time he talks. Kind of an idiot and a buffoon. (Looking for radio personalities, not news anchors. There’s a difference)   



(Lead, Female, 30s) Dante’s mother and a detective with the Hope Springs Police. A great detective and an even greater mom. She’s strong, bold, and can command a room. She has maturity and authority. Everyone likes and respects her. All the kids are captivated by her work as a detective and want to be in the middle of the action with her.   



(Supporting, Male, 40s-50s) a local history expert who teaches at various colleges in Colorado. Carries authority and reputability in his field. Thoughtful, intelligent, and intentional, he has a calming and gentle presence (and voice). 



(Lead, Male, 40s-50s) a local teacher who specializes in archaeology and history. More eccentric and quirky than Sheed. Has a certain aloofness about him. He’s petty, vindictive, and can really hold a grudge. His pettiness can get the best of him if he’s not careful.  



(Supporting, Female, 50s-60s) the HOA “enforcer” in Dribble’s neighborhood. Some might call her aggressive, some might say she’s “a Karen.” She’s a woman who lives and breathes the rules. Her kids are grown up and they’re probably in therapy spending most of their time talking about her, and she’s proud of that.  


(Supporting, Male, 50s) an 1800s-1900s mountain man. Folksy, rough, crusty, straight forward, and traditional—yet amiable and hospitable.  



(Supporting, Male, 40s-50s) Calls himself “burly and handsome”, he’s tall and strong (six foot four and 235 pounds of muscle).  Reliable, a man of faith. Friendly, but means business.  



(Supporting, Male, 30s) Well-liked. Reliable, confident, communicative, and jumps into action when needed. Good at his job and good with the kids in town. 



(Supporting, Male, mid to late 20s) Cousins with Troy and a bad influence on him. He’s a petty thief. Greedy, manipulative, cunning, and impatient. He has a snarky sense of humor and is a guy who’s just on the wrong side of everything in terms of life choices.  



(Supporting, Male, 30s), part of Pilfer's gang. A bad guy. Big and Intimidating-- a mountain of a man. (Perhaps a deeper sounding voice. A voice that is akin to his size)   



(Supporting, Male, late 20s-early 30s), part of Pilfer's gang. One of his henchmen. Not the sharpest tool in the shed-- a weasel of a man. (Brady and Taggart’s voices should sharply contrast with each other)  



(Supporting, Male, late 20s-early 30s) part of Pilfer's gang. One of his henchmen. A little smarter than Taggart. (Brady and Taggart’s voices should sharply contrast with each other) 



(Supporting, Female, 40s-50s) Professor Dribble’s wife. Former military. Smart, bright, brave, and resourceful. She has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor.  



(Supporting, Male, late 70s) Retired and new in town. There’s an air of mystery around why he’s in Hope Springs and who he really is. He’s kind and generous with his time. A spiritual man, he’s wise, simple, caring, quiet, and a hard worker. 



(Supporting, Male, 30s) The Engineer at Steam 102 FM radio station. A true audio wizard and your typical tech guy or techie. He’s sharp, glib, and impatient with Art like everyone else is. Overworked and under crushing deadlines, he doesn’t have time for Art’s antics. He’s just trying to get his normal work done on time.  

Check out this sneak peak of the Welcome to Hope Springs Demo we recorded in October 2023!


At Augustine Institute Studios, we work with the best storytellers around and we would love to collaborate with you on our next project!


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